Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’ve decided to put this together to welcome you all into my life along this incredible journey. Theres a few ways I am planning on inviting you all to join in this experience. Here in this blog I am inviting you into my personal side of this experience- what I’m learning, thinking, feeling along the way. (Theres a link on the right side of the page that says blog, you can find my posts there!)

The second invitation, if you feel so called, is to help me financially through this journey (as I am raising $4,000 to sustain my year here). This would be VERY much appreciated, and can be done at through this site.

The third way I hope to include you along this journey is to share with you all the stories of the people and places at the border, in Agua Prieta, Mexico, Douglas, and Tucson, AZ. I am still working on how I will accomplish this goal, but that content can be found on my social media, so feel free to follow me on instagram @hsingerline or friend me on facebook.

Finally, I ask for your thoughts and prayers along the way. I am taking part in this experience because for some time now I have felt a greater calling to serve. It was not until my experience at the US-Mexico border in January that I found God calling me to live with and serve the people along the borderlands. The biggest thing I can ask of you is for your prayers as I serve and discern my further callings along this year.